Who is he ?

François Speich was fascinated by drawing and painting at an early age and studied science (former student of the Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées). 
In the context, he followed the drawing courses of Pierre Guyénot, Grand Prix of Rome and professor of drawing at the Ecole Polytechnique.
He then completed his artistic training by studying watercolour with François Oberfalcer, a painter and engraver of Czech origin, the living model with sculptor Jean-Claude Athané at the Arts Décoratifs, and finally acrylic and oil with Belgian painter Joseph Ghin.

Figuration or abstraction ? 

His Works belong to both currents.

His conviction ?

His conviction is that figuration, int the sense of a representation of a reality, is a decoy. Kandinsky explains that a form is only recognized by a child after his apprenticeship, which makes him say that he sees a chair, for example. The first time the child sees a chair, hi doesn’t know what it is, he learns it.
Abstraction or non-figuration, is the use of objects that are not identified a priori, and that the in-depth viewer discovers and learns to know.

But figuration is also very often a set of objects, of spots, without relation to a reality ; but whose assembly makes us think of something known.

His paintings, figurative or not, have four points in common.

Three are formal, the composition that balances the image, the light and finally the search for harmonies of colors.
The fourth is that they are always the result of an encounter and an emotion. In figurative paintings, with a landscape or a model, always painted on the spot, in the moment, without a later recovery in order to preserve intact the emotion of the moment.

In non-figurative paintings, with one or more graphic objects that spontaneously form on the canvas, and become the subject of an inner encounter, more spiritual and reflective.

His works are present in private collections in France, Italy, Switzerland.

François Speich painting, gouache by his friend François Oberfalcer.