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Whether he paints abstract works, portraits, nudes or landscapes, he seeks to translate the essence of a form, a landscape, a face or a body into an emotion.
His painting is a synthesis of the most diverse currents, from Cycladic art to expressionism, through the Sienese primitives...
It is also the fruit of a passion for color, light and balance, but also imbalance, of the composition.


He has always been passionate about art, painting and drawing in particular; a means of expressing not only reality and the accuracy of forms, but also the emotion, the living that underlies the vision and interaction with the world.
He learned to draw in a rigorous way while preparing for the engineering competitions at the Prytanée Militaire of La Flèche, then by following the drawing courses of Pierre Guyénot, Grand Prix de Rome and professor of drawing at the Ecole Polytechnique.
He then completed his artistic training by studying watercolor with François Oberfalcer, painter and engraver of Czech origin, the live model with the sculptor Jean-Claude Athané at the Arts Décoratifs, and finally acrylic and oil with Joseph Ghin, Belgian painter.
He paints, always on the ground, landscapes in watercolor. During his walks in nature, he feels an emotion, most of the time from an atmosphere or a form which touches him, from a light which marks him. He works directly with watercolor, without prior drawing, and never retouches his work to preserve the impressions he has captured. 
In the studio, he works in oil, while making numerous preliminary sketches in ink, charcoal, watercolor and tempera, on paper or cardboard. The themes are then very different, abstraction and portraits "little figurative" in which only an emotion or a personality appears, avoiding the anecdote. 
His works are present in private collections in France, Italy, Switzerland... 

François Speich painting, gouache by his friend François Oberfalcer. 

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